Meet KeyX


No Installation Required-Full Function Car Key Control for All Brands 

Ready to enjoy the future of auto-unlock? The combination of KeyX and Car Box upgrades your car key fob to a smart touchscreen car key. Simply walk up to the car with KeyX in your pocket, Car Box intelligently detects your position and unlocks your car automatically so you can enter with ease. When you leave the car, the system auto-locks as you walk away.

KeyX – Keyless Entry & Auto lock

For your own purpose, you can also change the distance range for Keyless Entry between 3-5 meters and Auto-unlock between 5-10 meters.

 Lock/Unlock the Trunk

It can also act as a car key fob remote to lock/unlock the car, turn on the panic alarm, and open the trunk. 

One-for-All Car Control

For multi-car families, KeyX can have a steady connection with 3 cars. And you can check the car list after pairing to easily switch between vehicles. 

*If you want to pair with more vehicles, please contact us and we would like to help.

Smart&Universal  Device Control

With 7 antennas and 5 radio module chips built-in, KeyX integrates almost all radio frequencies used for remote control including 38Khz IR, 125Khz RFID, 13.56Mhz NFC, 315-868mhz ISM, 2.4Ghz BLE, and 2.4Ghz WI-FI. It can learn and store all radio frequencies so that you can combine your garage door remotes, ID cards, NFC cards, and all other infrared remote controls into one convenient, compact, controller.

Universal Garage Door Opener

NFC&ID Enabled

KeyX Controls Air-conditioner & TV

KeyX Galaxy Siler & KeyX 24k Gold Plated